LaserInnsbruck 2012

Thursday, September 16, 2010

09:00 – 10:30   Advances and Controversies in Body Contouring

        Moderator: Dierickx
        Expert Panel: Adatto, Anderson, Kilmer,
        Russe-Wilflingseder, Zachary

09:00    The Science and Selective Photothermolysis of Fat
              Rox Anderson

09:15    Non Invasive Body Shaping: Where Do We Stand?
              Maurice Adatto

09:30    Fat Reduction by Cryolipolysis
              Suzanne Kilmer

09:45    Cryolipolysis and Radiofrequency as Selective Agents for 
              Localized Fat Reduction
              Christopher Zachary

10:00    Laserlipolysis: Pros and Cons
               Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder

10:15    Discussion and Summary
              Expert Panel and Attendee Interaction

10:30 – 11:00    Coffee Break with Exhibitors

11:00 – 12:30     Advances and Controversies in Skin Tightening

        Moderator: Tanghetti
        Expert Panel: Adatto, Anderson, Dierickx,
        Russe-Wilflingseder, Zachary

11:00    Acoustic Waves for Cellulite: Where Are We Now?
              Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder

11:15    Cellulite and Striae: What Works and What Doesn’t!
              Maurice Adatto

11:30   Radiofrequency and its Role in Tissue Tightening
              Christopher Zachary

11:45    Ultrasound and Deep IR for Facial Skin Tightening
              Christine Dierickx

12:00    Non Surgical Skin Tightening: Myth vs. Reality
              Rox Anderson

12:15    Discussion and Summary
              Expert Panel and Attendee Interaction

12:30 – 13:30    Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

13:30 – 15:15   Advances and Controversies in Soft Tissue
                            Augmentation and Toxins

              Moderator: Nemeth
              Expert Panel: Kilmer, Raulin, Rzany, Schoeller

13:30    Is There a Filler of Choice? Adverse Reactions to Injectable
              Fillers: Risk Factors and Treatment Suggestions
              Berthold Rzany

13:45    Lipofilling: A Valuable Addition to Soft Tissue Augmentation
              Thomas Schoeller

14:00   Botulinumtoxins in Aesthetics: What Should You Know About
              Berthold Rzany

14:15    Abo- & Ona- Botulinumtoxin A: Is One Better Than the Other?
              Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
              Christian Raulin

14:30    Botox and Fillers in Combination with Lasers: How to Do, Any
              Suzanne Kilmer

14:45    Discussion and Summary
              Expert Panel and Attendee Interaction

15:00 – 15:15   Coffee Break with Exhibitors

15:15 – 16:20   Free Communications in Fractional Lasers

               Moderator: Kaudewitz, Raulin

15:15    Sequential Combination of Different Laser Wavelengths for
              Facial Skin Rejuvenation
              Leonardo Marini, Trieste, Italy

15:21    Clinical Comparison of Intensed Pulsed Light vs. Intensed
              Pulsed Light and Nd:YAG Laser for Facial Rejuvenation
              in Latin-Americans
              Aura Ruiz, Bogotá, Colombia

15:27    Fractional Ablative Resurfacing in Middle Eastern Skin: Safety
              Sami Alsuwaidan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

15:33    CO2 Fractional Laser: Clinical Experience and Animal
              Research Comparison with Non-Ablative Fractional Laser
              Seung-Ha Park, Seoul, Korea

15:39    Acne Scars in Ethnic Skin Treated with Both Fractional
              1550 nm and Fractional CO2 Lasers: Comparative
              Retrospective Study
              Abdulmajeed Alajlan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

15:45    Nonablative Fractional Resurfacing as a Field Treatment
              Modality for Multiple Actinic Keratosis
              Errol Prens, Rotterdam, Netherlands

15:51    Fractional Rejuvenation: My Perspective
              Tanja Fischer, Potsdam, Germany

15:57   Efficacy of Combined Nd:YAG Therapy Techniques for Non-
              Invasive Neck Lift
              Efficacy of the Nd:YAG  Laser for Non-Invasive Breast Lift
              Elizabeth VanderVeer, Portland, USA

16:05    The eCO2 - A Formidable Device for Daily Use
              Bettina Rümmelein, Zurich, Switzerland

16:11    Discussion and Summary

16:20    Session Ends

15:00 – 18:00   Visit the Exhibits

16:30 – 17:30   Free Communications in Body Contouring

               Moderator: Adatto, Hintringer

16:30    Laser Lipolysis with a 980 nm Diode Laser: Personal
              Tiziana Lazzari, Genova, Italy

16:36    980 nm Laserlipolysis and Skin Tightening of a Difficult to
              Treat Area: the Lower Lid
              Yann Renoulet, Recklinghausen, Germany

16:42    Laser Lipolysis Using a 940 nm Diode Laser
              René Milleret, Montpellier, France

16:48    Innovative New and Effective Treatment for Fat Reduction
              Markus Steinert, Biberach, Germany

16:54    Discussion and Summary

17:20    Session Ends

15:00 – 18:00   Visit the Exhibits

15:15 - 16:15     Workshops

Workshop Asclepion Laser Technologies

               Combining Laser Therapy, Radiofrequency and 
               Acoustic Wave for Unique Results -
               Experience and Live Demo
               Yann Renoulet
               Auditorium 1

Workshop Deka

               Clinical and Experimental Investigations on Novel 
               Dermo-Epidermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT) with 
               Fractional CO2 Laser
               Paolo Bonan
               Auditorium 2

16:30 - 17:30     Workshops

Syneron / Candela

               eMatrix, Sublative Rejuvenation
               Christine Dierickx
               Auditorium 1

Workshop Fotona

               Skin Rejuvenation - Combined Treatment with 
               Fractional Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Lasers
               Leonardo Marini
               Auditorium 2

Workshop Aesthetic Visions

               Augmentation of Volume with HYAcorp
               Tanja Fischer
               Auditorium 3


15:00 – 18:00   Visit the Exhibits


19:30     Faculty Dinner at the Weiherburg
               (by personal invitation only)



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